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Outsmart your metabolism 28 Day Program

Outsmart your metabolism 28 Day Program

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"I struggled for so many years, hearing that I was 'fine' from my medical providers. Within 1 month of making the changes Sarah suggested, I felt like I was 20 again! My energy returned, my mood was better, and I am exercising for the first time ever!"

~Meaghan S, 47, consistent exercise routine

"I had no idea that just a few easy fixes could make such a difference. All I did was change my eating pattern and eat MORE food to start losing weight. I love being back in my skinny jeans at age 49 and having my energy back."

~Linda B, 59, business owner, lost 6 inches from her waist

"My favorite thing about this program is the extra support. I love that it is taught by a medical professional. Sarah knows so much about healing metabolism and the coaching helped me get personal results. I now understand what is happening in my body and it makes it so much easier to choose healthier options"

-Shannon L, 44, busy mom, night shift worker, lost 16lbs

Outsmart Your Metabolism

The tools and resources needed for women to THRIVE with aging and reverse symptoms like low energy, brain fog, weight issues, sleep difficulties, hormone imbalance, and stress management.


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